Household appliances are probably one of the most important inventions. They play an essential part in the domestic life of our modern life. The majority of home appliances are found in the kitchen, bedrooms, and living room. Appliances in the kitchen are essential since they are used for cooking, cleaning and food preservation.

One primary type of home appliance is called white goods or also known as major appliances. White goods comprise major household appliances such as freezers, clothes dryer, washing machines, trash compactors, drying cabinets etc. They are called “white goods” due to their traditional enamelled white finished. Many modern white goods have retained their classic colours, although they are also available in other colours. 

This page will help readers know the necessary information and trends on white goods or major appliances. It will include useful information and historical background on this essential appliance. 

White good is a part of a bigger household appliances group, mainly divided into three types: White Goods, small appliances and brown goods. These household appliances make people’s lives better and help us in our daily household work. They revolutionalized the way we cook, wash, clean, and prepare our food. These types of appliances will be discussed in detail in this article. 

Household appliance 

A household or home appliance is a machine that we used for cooking, washing, cleaning, preserve and process food. The home appliance comes in three basic types : 

  1. Small appliance – they are also called small electrical appliances and are either portable or semi-portable machines usually placed on kitchen tabletops, shelves and kitchen counters. Since most of them are mobile, and they can be used anywhere in the house. 

Small appliances are handy and can be operated in any part of the house. They are often utilized to complete essential kitchen task. Toasters, ionizers, humidifiers, electric kettles, microwave oven, electric fans, hair-blower, and food processors are examples of small appliances. They may have a small size, but these little devices are beneficial and help make life more comfortable in the house.

  1. White Goods – they are also known as major appliances. These are large machines such as cookers, washing machines and refrigerators. Because of their larger size, white goods are not portable and cannot be carried around in the house like small appliances. Some whitegoods require installations and customized connections for gas supplies and electricity. White goods are typically placed in a permanent location in the house and only removed during home renovations or repair and maintenance of the equipment. 
  1. Brown Goods – they are also known as consumer electronics. They are types of electronic equipment that are designed for everyday use in the home. Some common examples of consumer electronics are entertainment devices, communication devices and home recreation. 

The use of brown goods has skyrocketed since the invention of the radio. For many years the transistor radio was the centre of home entertainment. But as new technologies are discovered, other consumer electronics were invented. The invention of the television moved the radio to the sidelines. Soon others follow like the video players, camcorders, walkman. MP3 players, disc players. 

The advent of digital technology changed consumer electronics. Electronics devices have now embraced digital technology. Analog television has been replaced by smart tv that has higher screen quality and resolution. 

Emerging appliance technologies 

Computer appliances are modern electronic devices run by advanced technologies such as microchips, solid-state drives, and software. Computer devices combined hardware and software that delivers an integrated product that is useful to modern consumers. 

They are widely used as personal and professional devices. Computer devices can do multiple tasks such as communication, word processing, oral communication, file transfer, navigation, and even entertainment. They can also assist the user in business, such as checking inventories, monitoring appointments and video conferencing. 

Common examples of computer devices are desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, GPS receivers and navigation devices.