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Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer DD60DCX7

Jason Gray - Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer DD60DCX7

Fisher & Paykel have been making the DishDrawer dishwasher for several years now.  They have had plenty of time to perfect the dishdrawer concept and the DD60DCX7 dishdrawer dishwasher represents Fisher & Paykel's commitment to providing unique and useful appliances.

The Fisher & Paykel dishdrawer concept is quite simple.  The aim is to use compact technologies to provide a very space efficient dishwasher in a drawer.  The DD60DCX7 is the culmination of plenty of research and practical use of technology.  It also has double the capacity with 2 drawers.  Fisher & Paykel have used SmartDrive motor technology, intelligent electronics and simple mechanics to create the DD60DCX7 double dishdrawer dishwasher.  This makes the DD60DCX7 not only practical but extremely reliable.  Fisher & Paykel have been very clever in using simple mechanics rather than complicated mechanisms as there is a lot less that can go wrong.  This philosophy helps cut down on expensive repair bills as the dishwasher ages.  The DirectDrive motor is simple but highly efficient providing power and reliability for every load of dishes.

The Fisher & Paykel DD60DCX7 Double Dishdrawer is extremely practical.  The drawers can be used together or you can use just one for smaller loads.  There are 9 wash function and and inside you'll find adjustable racks which will fit anything from long stem wine glasses to the family frying pan.  The DD60DCX7 is also very easy to use.  It's just a case of selecting your wash cycle with the push of 1 button.  The control panel is concealed giving the whole unit a very sleek appearance and the dishwasher is finished in stainless steel.

To find out more about the Fisher & Paykel DD60DCX7 Double Dishdrawer check out our online showroom.  WhitegoodsOnline can delivery to the Sydney metropolitan area free of charge*.  Please contact us for delivery to other areas of Australia. 

*Conditions Apply


Fisher and Paykel Dishwashers Available For Free Delivery in Sydney

Jason Gray - Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fisher and Paykel Dishwashers

Available for Free Delivery in Sydney


Fisher and Paykel dishwashers have been washing our dishes for many years and during that time the company has caused a revolution in dishwashing!

Fisher and Paykel invented the world's first dish drawer dishwashe.  The dishdrawer caused quite a stir when it was launched and has been going from strength to strength ever since.  The design of a dishdrawer is simply clever!  The drawer action means you load the dishwasher from the top which is much easier on the back.  Fisher and Paykel have made several dish drawer configurations with single and double varieties available.  This means you can install two single dishdrawers side by side toward the top of the bench for easy access or you can install a double dishdrawer where the two drawers are stacked.  DishDrawers provide plenty of flexibility.

Fisher and Paykel have used their SmartDrive technology in their dishwashers.  SmartDrive works on the principle that the simpler a product is in design, the less there is to go wrong.  SmartDrive uses a simple motor and electronics combination which is highly efficient providing greater reliability and more room for dishes rather than gadgets!  A microprocessor regulates the speed of the washing arms depending on the wash programme selected.  This provides the best dishwashing results and provides more care for your dishes.  Dishdrawers come in both built in and fully integrated models so you'll have no problem in finding exactly the right combination for your dream kitchen.

Fisher and Paykel also have a great range of freestanding traditional dishwashers as well.  The dishwashers feature Fisher and Paykel's latest technology and have extremely quiet operation with excellent water and energy efficiency.  Fisher and Paykel freestanding dishwashers are available in a white or stainless steel finish.


Visit our online showroom for the full range of Fisher and Paykel Dishwashers with free delivery all over Sydney! 



Fisher and Paykel DishDrawers

Jason Gray - Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fisher and Paykel DishDrawers


Fisher & Paykel is one of the most popular major appliance brands in Australia.  Their innovation and design excellence has seen them come up with some amazing products.  Fisher and Paykel have been making dishwashers for many years and have continuously strived for improvements.  This is the company that came up with the dishdrawer dishwasher. Fisher and Paykel also have a great range of standard dishwashers.

Fisher & Paykel's Dishdrawer Dishwashers fill a unique niche in the dishwasher market.  They come in several shapes and sizes and suit every need from singles with small kitchens right up to large families.  It is the drawer configuration which makes a dishdrawer unique.  The dishwasher drawers glide open at bench height for easy access. This makes loading easy with very little effort.  Dishdrawers come in wide, tall, single or double drawer configurations. The Double dishdrawers are able to wash independently so if you only need to use one draw for smaller loads you'll save energy and water.  You can also choose different wash options for each drawer, you might wash glasses and china plates in one and your pots in another drawer allowing you to select the correct wash mode for each.

All Fisher and Paykel Dishdrawers have 9 wash functions; Rinse, Fast Eco, Fast, Delicate Eco, Delicate, Normal Eco, Normal, Heavy Eco, Heavy.  They are able to wash everything from fine crystal to greasy pots.  The dishdrawer adjustable racking system allows you to fit all sorts of dishes in.  Fisher and Paykel have also included a child lock system in the dishdrawers which prevents them being opened while in use and disables the controls.  Dishdrawers also have Fisher & Paykel's 3 stage flood protection. 

You'll find the full range of Fisher and Paykel DishDrawers at WhitegoodsOnline


Fisher and Paykel Dishdrawer Dishwashers Help Make Life a Bit Easier

Jason Gray - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Fisher and Paykel DishDrawer™ Dishwashers

Help Make Life a Bit Easier


The Fisher and Paykel range of DishDrawer Dishwashers have been on the market for several years now.  Fisher and Paykel have continued to refine their DishDrawers with the range now including wide, tall, double and single drawer options.  This variety of size means there are dishdrawers to suit small apartments right up to large families and people who like to entertain a lot.  DishDrawer Dishwashers also allow flexibility in installation with models that can be concealed behind the kitchen cabinetwork to blend in seamlessly.  The design of the DishDrawer makes access as easy as opening any drawer with less bending required.

The DishDrawer Wide version is perfect for large dishwashing loads.  It is 90cm wide and has capacity for 9 place settings.  The racking is fully adjustable and the design of the interior easily accommodates pots, pans and platters.  The DishDrawer Wide is also available in an integrated model which can be blended with your kitchen cabinetwork. 

Fisher and Paykel have included some great innovations in the current generation of DishDrawer dishwashers.  They've included the worlds first flow through detergent dispenser which makes sure that the detergent is completely dissolved before the dishwasher cycle begins. This equates to better cleaning and less damage to your dishes.  

WhitegoodsOnline has a full range of Fisher and Paykel DishDrawer Dishwashers

Whitegoods Online Appliance Update - Dishwashers

Jason Gray - Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Appliance Update-  Dishwashers


Which Dishwasher suits your needs?

Modern dishwashers come in many shapes and styles.  They have evolved from what was once a luxury item and have found their way into well over half of all Australian homes.  Gone are the days when the family would gather around the kitchen sink to dry the dishes and in the meantime the modern kitchen has undergone a transformation from being purely functional to being a thing of beauty.  Appliances have had to keep up with this design trend and the dishwasher is no exception.  These days you can choose a dishwasher which will seamlessly blend into your decor and in with several integrated models you would  hardly even know it was there.  The advent of Dishdrawers has also meant that dishwashers can now be installed in even the smallest of kitchens.  

In this article we take a closer look at the various dishwashers you'll find in the market and what their various advantages are. 


Compact Dishwashers

The compact dishwasher is perfect for anyone with a small kitchen.  They are extremely popular  amongst those who live in flats and units.  Compact dishwashers are also available as freestanding models or integrated/semi-integrated.   Below are a couple of compact dishwashers in the Whitegoods Online range.

The Blanco Dishwasher model DWF45X is a popular model with 10 place settings.  At 450mm wide x 850mm high x 570mm deep it is able to squeeze into smaller kitchens with ease.  It has an easy to use rotary dial with 5 wash programmes including a quick 30 minute wash cycle.  The Blanco DWF45X also utilises condenser drying technology.  You'll find the Blanco DWF45X available at Whitegoods Online for $849.00 RRP $1099.00

The Bosch Compact Modular Dishwasher model  SCE53M05AU is designed to be installed under bench.  Although compact in size it still manages to provide a generous 8 place settings and combines the latest Bosch technology.  The SCE53M05AU also has 5 wash programmes catering from light to heavy washes.  You'll find the Bosch SCE53M05AU available from Whitegoods Online at $1270.00 RRP $1499.00


Freestanding Dishwashers

Most people would be familiar with the Freestanding Dishwasher as they are the most commonly used dishwasher in Australian kitchens.  As most modern homes have plumbing already installed these dishwashers can be easily hooked up and used right out of the box.  They come in a variety of capacities and pricing starts from the lower ranges right up to premium models.  Here are a few examples currently available from Whitegoods Online.

The Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher  Model DW60CSW1 has a 12 place setting capacity and comes with 5 wash settings.  This model is very quiet and has an easy to use control panel.  Fisher and Paykel is a trusted brand in Australia so this dishwasher represents great value for money.  Whitegoods Online has the Fisher and Paykel  DW60CSW1 available for $588.00 RRP $759.00

If you are a fan of European Whitegoods then Bosch might be the answer!  The Bosch Classic Class Dishwasher Model  SMS50E12AU packs in European features and design with a price that won't break the bank.  This dishwasher has a 14 place capacity with 5 wash programmes and features half wash plus which significantly reduces water and energy consumption.  The Bosch SMS50E12AU is available from Whitegoods Online for $889.00 RRP $1249.00

If you would like a premium European dishwasher in your kitchen then you will be hard pressed to do better than an Asko.  Designed in Sweden, the  Asko Dishwasher  model  D5894SSXXL has 15 place settings and some very clever features.  With its hidden control panel the D5894SSXXL will really make a statement.  With 15 wash programmes, Turbo Drying Express™ technology and a host of Asko innovations, you'll get years of service from this machine.  The Asko D5894SSXXL is available from Whitegoods Online for $2599.00



Dish Drawers have been in the marketplace for several years now.  Developed by Fisher and Paykel they are designed much like a filing cabinet.  The drawers are opened and dishes places into the unit from the top.  Dish Drawers are available in single or double units.  Single units are ideal for very small kitchens.  The integrated models can be perfectly "hidden" into the bench or if you'd like to put your dish drawers on display there are several very smart options available.  One of the advantages of the dish drawer is its ease of access from the top. 

Whitegoods Online has a large range of Fisher and Paykel DishDrawers available.  Prices start at $630.00 RRP $849.00 for the FISHER AND PAYKEL DISHWASHER DRAWERS Model DD60SCW6.  This unit is perfect for any small kitchen. 

The fully integrated FISHER AND PAYKEL DISHWASHER DRAWERS model DD60DI6 is available for $1220.00 normally priced at $1619.00



Integrated and Semi Integrated Dishwashers

If you like to keep that sleek integrated look in your kitchen, Whitegoods Online has a range of fully integrated and semi integrated dishwashers available.  A fully integrated dishwasher is fitted with a panel and handles that match your kitchen cupboards so the dishwasher is completely hidden.  A semi integrated dishwasher has only the control panel showing but it fitted with a matching panel.

The 14 place setting Bosch Classic Class Semi Integrated Dishwasher model  SMI50E25AU is available from Whitegoods Online for $1209 RRP $1549.00

If you are looking for a great deal on a fully integrated dishwasher then you can't go past the Delonghi 60cm Integrated Dishwasher Model DEDW97FI priced at $915.00 RRP $1199.00 this model has 14 place settings.

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