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Blanco Pyrolytic Wall Oven - BOSE714PTX

Jason Gray - Monday, December 16, 2013

Blanco Pyrolytic Wall Oven


Blanco has a long established reputation as a manufacturer of fine kitchen appliances.  The latest generation of ovens certainly continues this trend and you'll find the BOSE714PTX pyrolytic oven an absolute pleasure to cook with.  This wall oven has plenty of capacity with 89 litres.  It is designed to cope with all types of cooking with 14 functions.  These include; Fan Forced, Fan Assist, Fan Grill, Traditional,Traditional ECO, Bottom Element, Full Grill, Bakers Function, Bottom Element with Fan, Fan Assist with Bottom Element and Grill Element, Pyrolytic, PyroVari, Defrost and Light. 

Blanco have built the BOSE714PTX pyrolytic oven with robust materials.  The interior is coated with QuartzClean enamel which helps keep the oven clean.  This material is nickel free which helps the interior cope with extremely high temperatures while the pyrolytic function is operating.  It is also able to resist acidic spills.  The pyrolytic and pyrolytic eco self cleaning functions make maintaining the BOSE714PTX extremely easy.  High temperatures are used to reduce any dirt and grime to ash which can simply be wiped away once the oven cools.  This means an end to caustic cleaners and chemicals for cleaning. 

The BOSE714PTX wall oven has a Heat Boost function which speeds up the oven heating time.  Once the desired heat is reached the oven will beep for 5 seconds to let you know. The  BOSE714PTX also features a fully programmable timer which can be set to start and switch the oven off as required when cooking.

For more information on the BLANCO BOSE714PTX Pyrolytic Wall Oven please visit our online appliance showroom. 

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