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Westinghouse Fridge 300L - WTM3000WB

Westinghouse Fridge 300L - WTM3000WB


300 ltr
2 door top mount freezer
Right side hinge

*Door reversal kit required for left side hinge

RRP: $899.00

Price: AUD $640.00

Door Hinge

We are taking a short break over Christmas and will be back online early in the new year.

**Free Delivery Sydney Area**

About Fridges

When purchasing a new fridge there are several factors you need to take into consideration. You'll need to choose a fridge which suits your lifestyle and fits into the space you have available. Don't forget you'll need to allow some space for air circulation around the fridge for it to operate efficiently.

Here's a quick check list of things to look for;

Fridge Capacity - Make sure the fridge you choose has a suitable capacity for your intended use. As a rough guide 250 - 300 litres would be fairly adequate for 2 people then add around an extra 30 litres for each additional person.

Check Your Dimensions - This is very important. Ensure the fridge you choose will fit into the space you have available. Allow for an additional 5cm around the fridge for ventilation. Make sure you have adequate access for the delivery of your new fridge as well.

Choosing a Fridge Configuration - Fridges come in many shapes and sizes. The choices are Top Mounted Freezer, Bottom Mounted Freezers, Side by Side Fridges, 3 and 4 Door Fridges and Bar Fridges. Some fridges offer water filtration and automatic ice-maker options. There are also options for fully integrated fridges which enable you to choose what sort of panels you'd like on the front. Each type of configuration has its advantages and disadvantages.

Energy Consumption - The energy rating of your fridge is also very important. Your fridge will be running continuously for many years and you don't want it draining away the power. You'll want to make sure your fridge can handle all your food and beverage storage requirements without costing a fortune. We recommend you check the energy star rating of the fridge before purchasing.